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Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Fast Lane Motors offer a complete repair service, cars, vans, commercial fleets, HGV’s and trailers, from fitting a new engine to replacing a broken light.

call us on: 01409 281 373 for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance information

Engine repair

Diagnostic examinations

Electronic Control Units (ECU) are fitted in all modern cars and HGV's. Fast Lane Motors have the specialist knowledge and diagnostic equipment required to quickly locate and repair a fault saving you the inconvenience and expense of returning your vehicle to a dealership

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems require periodical maintenance and servicing. Most vehicle manufactures recommend yearly servicing of your air conditioning unit. Well maintained vehicle air conditioning will improve vehicle efficiency and reliability. Fast Lane Motors offer an extensive Air Conditioning maintenance and repair service including:

  • Inspection
  • Temperature and Leak check
  • System oil inspection an maintenance
  • Recovery of refrigerant and evacuation of air and moisture from the system

Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels will greatly reduce the life of your tyres and adversely affect the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Driving through Pot holes or kerb impact are a prime cause of wheel misalignment. Fast Lane Motors can precisely re-align your wheels to ensure even tyre wear and improving the road holding and safety of your vehicle.

Vehicle repair enquiries

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